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Furlough - Family trip in frnt of Hoover Dam - August 2009

Sisters drinking fresh young (buko coconuts in the Philippines

biking around Mt. Fuji, Japan - 2008
Last Updated: Jan 01, 2013
Inion Family Blog
Meet the Family


 We are a Christian Anabaptist family whose goal is to glorify Jesus Christ. We have been blessed with eight children: four by birth and four (special needs children) by adoption. Our home is among the Amish and Mennonites of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA. 
In 2007, we spent seven months touring much of the United States in our 15-passenger van and travel trailer. That same year, the Lord directed our steps to move to the land where Brent's parents were born, the Republic of the Philippines. Our youngest daughter, Hadassah was born there. We enjoyed serving the Lord together in Southeast Asia. Our favorite family trips were to Japan and Taiwan.
In 2009, we returned to the US via a couple months in Hawaii, Arizona's Grand Canyon and, once again to Pennsylvania. Jeremiah, our youngest was born there and we enjoyed renewing fellowship with friends.
Currently we are in Central America as a family, serving the Lord as we go.
We home school, home church (that is, we prefer to meet in each other's homes) and home birth We eat organically whenever possible. When we are not growing our own food we buy locally.  When we are not traveling, we enjoy small- scale, sustainable family farming.  We live, work, travel and minister as a family.
This blog is dedicated to preserving family memories, photos, recipes, and life experiences as a labor of love for our children . Most articles are written by me, the Momma, for our children. However, if you see any errors, blame Papa he's the editor :-)  I hope other Mommies will enjoy this blog, too.
Feel free to click on the Inion Family Blog button to read about our daily happenings. You can scroll to the bottom of that page, hit the page numbers at the bottom to go back in time.
I love to read comments; please feel free to leave me one.


Josiah (10), Hannah (8) Julia - China (7), Joshua - Egyptian (5), Hosea - Korean (5), Hosanna - India (4), Hadassah  (2), Jeremiah (31/2 mo.) ~




Inion Family Blog

Happy New Year!  Life has been taking us through neck snapping speeds lately and blogging has lost it's appeal at the moment. I am keep facebook going. I'd love to see you all there. I am very excited for a brand new blog we are starting soon. Will post about that here once we have it ready to launch. Big plans and dreams for our family in ...

10/3/12 A Sunday Afternoon Picnic:   The blue skies and bright sunshine made our day extra special. We enjoyed a family picnic and then a hike. Children are wonderful because they stop to notice the many beautiful aspects of Creation that we might have otherwise passed by.  So many people think that they can not afford to go out and cr...

It's stressful being safe in sunshiny bliss while worrying about family and friends in harms way. I am usually on the other side of things like this.  So, for all the times you have cared for us, prayed for us, and worried when we were in the midst of danger I have a better understanding now of what it was like to be you.  Today, in all o...

10/3/12 Celebrating Color:   Traveling with a large family sure creates a colorful life. Today, the children had fun helping me group together some of our family travel memories by color.   Colors---Create moods. Some are mellow and calm while others are bright, festive and fun. The photos below are placed on a background of hundreds ...

10/2/12 An Urgent Day at the Beach:     A few nights ago, I awoke with what I thought was a bladder infection. The pain was pretty intense, but since I had never had one before I thought it was just par for the course. I drastically increased my water intake, was able to find cranberry capsules, cut out caffeine and sugar. I did not ...

10/1/12 Blue Hole   Some of you may remember some of the awesome pictures of the Blue Hole I posted  many months ago. We life less than ten miles from the Blue hole yet still do not get over there to swim as often as we dreamed we would. Maria and her family who although they were born and raised in this very spot have never been to the...


Hello Stacey...I finally found your website and have enjoyed looking @ your family pictures & reading your blogs.I lead a pretty busy life myself but reading as to how you spend your days makes me wonder how you do everything & still are able to wear a smile...amazing!
-Patricia Bonnie Hornsby
No, we have been flatly refused a box. We even went to speak with the head of the board and were told they are "only for those born here."

In spite of the fact that several others have one.

We have chosen to only pray and not speak much on the topic. We will not resist this. We see this as the Lord revealing something hideous beneat...

Did u get a post box in spanish lookout? ;):)
happy birthday to you stacy
Dear Inion Family,
Your family has been a blessing and inspiration to this missionary mommy (Mexico) too! I love your photos and reading of your "adventures", and enjoy hearing how the Lord is working in your lives.
Love in Him,
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